Benefits of waxing...

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Lasting Results

Unlike shaving, your skin will stay silky smooth for up to 2 full weeks! When the hair grows back in it is soft and fine, not rough and stratchy!

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No Bumps

Kiss that razor burn and irritated skin goodby! With waxing we remove the entire hair so there is no "razor burn" or residual skin irritation. 

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Less Hairs

Over time with a great waxing schedule, you hair growth will thin out. Most clients see 20-40% decrease in regrowth after 5 months. 

Frequently asked questions:

Does it hurt?

Let me start by saying this, Hollywood makes body waxing seem way worse than it is! To be straight forward there is discomfort involved, I mean we are ripping hair from your body. But I can assure you the pain is only present while we remove the wax strip and then its gone! Our beauty therapist are well trained and make sure to do everything in their power to make this as comfortable as possible.

I get razor burn, can I get waxed?

Razor burn is caused by a few differnt things, such as shaving to frequently and not using a good shaving cream. What happens is the hari is forces back under the skin and causes that bump we call razor burn. With waxing we remove the hair including the root, so there is no bumps left behind. Most people who suffer from razor burn gets much better results from waxing.

How long do I need to quit shaving for?

In order to effectively remove the hair we need the length of the hair to be about the size of a grain of rice. When you first stop shaving the hair is going to grow very quickly for about 4 days and then the growth rate slows. For most people the growth time is 10-14 days. 

What do I need to refrain from doing after my wax?

For the most part you can go on about your everyday life. Your skin should not be overly tender after the wax is complete so you do not need to plan on any down time (or ice like the movies make it seem). However, you do need to refrain from a few things, such as: tanning beds, saunas and hot tubs, and sex for about 72 hours after. And we recommend holding off on you sweat sesh at the gym for 24 hours. 

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