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Lash are the current girls best friend...MOVE OUTTA THE WAY DIAMONDS! 

Have you had a bad lash expierence in the past? Unfortunately you are not alone! But the great news for you is our staff is very highly trained in Borboleta lash extensions, we are the first Borboleta brand partner in the state of Idaho. We also specialize in Ellebana Lash Lifts.

What does this mean for you? It guarantees that our clients will get the best that the lash industry has to offer! Zero damage to your natural lashes, and the perfect lashes for your life style!

Did I mention that every lash service comes with a free nap!!

Lash Lift and Tint

A lash lift and tint is a technique that chemically curls your natural lashes and dyes them black. This will enhance what you were born with with out the demand of 2-3week maintenance

If you love that lash curler and mascara look but are tired of having to your lashes break off from the daily crimping this service is your golden ticket! All you will need to do each day is add a little mascara and watch those eyes pop!

This service is great if you have a teenage daughter that is dying to jump on the lash wagon but you don't feel she is quite ready! Our lash lifts will give her that extra glam she is begging for!

Classic  Lash Extensions

Classic lash extension are where it all started! Your lash artist will place a single extension to each of your mature natural lashes. This will create length, darkness, and curl to what your eyes! 

Classic Lashes are great for the simple beauty queen who wants a natural subtle appearance but never gets enough out of mascara and a lash curler.

Volume Lash Extensions

If you love as much glam around your eyes as possible this one is for you! Your lash artist will hand create "lash fans" out of 4-7 smaller extensions and apply one to each of your mature lashes! 

This is create a dense dark lash line with a lot of fluff through the ends! If you've been in love the look of a daily strip lash, then volume lashes will change your whole routine! 

In todays world we live by GO BIG OR GO HOME! Why should your lashes be any different!

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