• A bad brow wax can ruin your life quicker than any man

  • Our clients might have 99 problems but their brows ain't one

  • It's okay to be emotionally dependent on your brow girl

  • Good eyebrows are 90% of a GREAT selfie

  • The right brow wax is like a facelift

  • Brows are the one thing you can get into shape without breaking sweat

  • We all have a favorite eyebrow

In all seriousness your face is the first thing people and your eyebrows are a huge part of that! I mean have you ever seen picture of people with their eyebrows photoshopped out? LOL! If you haven't do a little googling, you can thank me later!

A great brow service will be customized to your face! Our brow artists will shape your brow to exactly what enhances your face the best!

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Brow Wax

Your beauty therapist will use our gentle hard wax to perfectly shape your eyebrow. 

Great for people with plenty of brow to see and work with. Or those who enjoy filling them in with makeup daily and just need a good shape to follow.


Brow Wax and Tint/Brow Henna

Not only do you get our epic brow shaping but also a dye to perfectly match your ideal color and really make those brows POP!

This service is great for those with plenty of brow but its just a little hard to see! But remember if your brows are hard to see because they are thin we can't color what doesn't exist! 

BUT...brow henna can tint that skin for 7-10 days and the hair for 4-6 weeks, let us fill them in for you!


This is a semi permanent cosmetic procedure. Your brow artist will use a hand tool to create "hair" like strokes through out the brow. This will create a subtle natural looking brow effect that you do not need to redo daily. 

This is the perfect service for someone who over tweezed those brows in the 90's and wants a natural look to their brows.