Do you know that by the age of 30 our skin cells regenerate 1/2 as quickly as they did the day we are born?

So when is it time to start anti aging skincare? 

If you have already asked yourself this question then that mean the time is NOW!

What is a spa facial...

A facial is the most amazing thing your beautiful cheeks will ever experience. The room is dark and quiet, the sheets on the treatment table are warm and soft...

We start by adding a little steam to your face this will allow our products to really sink into the skin. A two step face cleansing will ensure we get you squeaky clean while warming up the muscles of the face to start releasing the tension. Hot towels with aroma therapy will help you drift off to a peaceful place. Now its time to get down to the soft stuff, by this I mean using the best exfoliant for your skin to remove any dead rough skin cells. (this next part is where things get REAL GOOD)

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and for the next 25min do nothing but enjoy the absolute bliss of a facial massage. Your beauty therapist will work all the right places of your face, that jaw tension kiss it goodbye. While helping you melt into the best nap of your life we are giving your face all the goods! Not only are we massaging necessary nutrients into the skin but we are also moving lymph fluid around which helps with many things like those puffy under eyes.

The grand finale a mask that will treat all those skin needs. While your face soaks in the magic its time to give your arms and hands a good massage. One last round of warm towels and a scalp massage will really seal the deal. The cherry on top is the last round of products you need to absolutely target your problem areas.

You will walk out the door glowing and completely relaxed.

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This 60min facial is what is described above and great for anyone just getting started in studio skincare or wanting to relax as much as they want to better their skin.

Your beauty therapist will conduct a skin consultation at the beginning of the service and help you dial in a home regime at the end, with all the relaxation and correction in the middle!

Benefits all skin types and issues


Microdermabrasion is a machine exfoliation. This service will resurface you skin leaving it soft and subtle! 

With this service you receive a deep cleanse, the machine exfoliation, and mask to infuse the skin with nutrients and anti aging vitamins, then finished off with a custom blend of treatment serums for your skin. 

Great for aged skin, rough skin, or those trying to lift old scaring.


Dermaplaning in a type of manual exfoliation. Your beauty therapist will "scrape" your face with a blade. Includes enzyme exfoliation and facial mask.

The best part is the blade also shaves of all those fuzzy hairs on the face, so this means better makeup application.

Great for brides pre wedding day application, and for the change in season from summer to fall 

Acne Facials

You know when you have those pesky breakouts that make you want to pick at your face? Well this is the service to fix that.

We have options for all levels of acne. Teenage breakouts, life long breakouts, and hormone breakouts. 

Amazing for those starting their acne free journey, and those 911 breakout moments