Person using facemasks

Fine Lines and Wrinkle

Every facial is designed to create noticeable results in the texture of your skin.

Enjoying Natural Ingredients

Pigmentation and Age Spots

We have to most powerful vitamin C to help break down those dark spots for real

Spa Day


The best way to combat aging is to prevent it. It's never too early to start taking care of your skin.

Anti-aging is the one focus all skin types need. Because we all age, whether we like it or not! This is the reason why it is never too early to start working on it. We have developed our anti-aging protocols with all the tricks of the trade, aside from injections and surgery of course.  

These facials are pure magic! That's why we gave them such epic names!


Sparkle Express

This 60min facial is amazing for aging prevention. During this hour of bliss we focus on exfoliation, stimulating cell production, and brightening the skin tone.

Northern Lights

Unicorn Facial

This is the very best thing to happen in anti-aging skincare! We use all the tricks during this 90min facial.

You will see smoother skin, smaller pores, brighter tighter skin and under eye, and even complexion!

(aka: baby unicorn)

because its magical

  • Redness gone

  • Smaller pores

  • Smoother texture

  • Softer smile lines

  • Rejuvenated undereye

Instant results achieved during the Unicorn Facial

What we use...

  • Ultrasonic cleansing

  • Vitamin rich skincare

  • Double facial mask

  • Caffeine and Hyaluronic lip and eye mask

  • Magic serum full of peptides and ceramides 

  • LED Therapy