Vitamin A serum is a great step up from the vitamin a complex. The added papya enzymes will help break through dead skin build up to offer a more aggresive approach with out the added sensitivity that you would expect from a vitamin a serum. This product will not leave your skin sensitive to sunlight or heat. 


Use: Apply nightly after hydrating cleanser.


Pro Tip: Mix with 2-3 sprays of acne mist to help with rashy style acne.


Ingredients: aloe barbadensis (aloe) juice,hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerin, caricapapaya (papaya) extract, carica papaya(green papaya) extract, ananascomosus (pineapple) extract,phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium edta,citric acid, vitamin a (retinyl palmitate),squalane oil (from olive) rose hips oil,copaiba, essential oils.


Vitamin A Serum