This bar is all you need to wash your body with! Seriuosly...throw out the body wash! It leaves no residue on the skin or the "tacky" bar of soap feeling. Just clean refreshed skin! Can be used on the face for oily/combination skin or for the man who never washes his face.


Use daily in the shower on the body. If you chose to use this product on the face morning and night be aware some dry patched may occur, if this happens reduce use to once per day. Follow with Dermaki daily facial moisturizer or Dermaki Vitamin C Complex.


PRO TIP: Massage a layer of face and body bar onto the face followed by a pump of hydrating cleanser for a deeper cleanse. 


Ingredients: palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, spearmint, tamanu oil, bergamot, sandalwood, hops flower, lye (sodium hydroxide)

Luxurious Face and Body Bar