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This skincare box is not your normal skincare kit. Whats the difference? Well... normal skincare kits you pick your skin type and get a series of products that "should" give you results. The problem with that idea is no two faces are the same, and even though you might have acne prone skin that doesn't mean you need all acne products to get you results.


So we have created this box for those ladies (or gents) that want to see real change in their skin without going to the spa. But also without losing the value of an esthetician's knowledge.


When you purchase this box one of our estheticians will hand pick 5 products and create a regimen specifically for your face. Your box will come with clear am and pm instructions for glowing beautiful skin!


(please note: within 48 hours of purchase you will recive an email with a link to our skin assesment form. This form will need to be completed before you products can ship. If needed our estheticians may call you to ask a few more questions before putting together your regimen.)

"Just for me" skincare box

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