The Acne Treatment Bar is formulated to help draw out and dry up breakout quickly! This bar is amazing for the teenage boy in your life who won't follow a skincare routine; simply change out their normal soap for the acne bar in the shower and watch their acne and back acne melt away!


Use on the face morning or night either (using morning and night may cause dryness on the face). Follow with Dermaki daily facial moisturizer or acne spot treatment.


PRO TIP: Rotate acne bar with hydrating cleanser to keep breakouts at bay without drying out your skin. Ex. cleanse with acne bar in the morning, and hydrating cleanser at night. 


Ingredients: palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree, copaiba, lavender, camphor, hops flower, lye (sodium hydroxide), round buchu leaf extract

Acne Treatment Face and Body Bar