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Have you felt a wave of change in how women view beauty? I am seeing more and more women of all shapes, sizes, and ailments learning how to love their natural and happiest selves. AND GIRL TRUST ME WHEN I SAY I AM ALL FOR THAT!!! It's time that we stop letting the opinions of society and photoshopped pictures set parameters of how we should look.

Do you love makeup? I think all women can appreciate makeup even if we don't necessarily wear it on the daily personally. But in reality we usually use makeup to alter the appearance of our skin by covering it up. We cover up our dark circles and puffy eyes. Then we add a little more to cover that zit that popped out, was it from stress? Hormones? That cheat meal? WHO FREAKING KNOWS!!! I know for a lot of women makeup is just an accessory that helps their style stand out, but at some point in all of us it becomes a necessity. It's our life line to feeling comfortable going out in public or having pictures taken. Makeup should always be something you wear because you simply want to, if you feel more comfortable leaving your house in sweats and workout clothes than you do going out without a totally bare face then makeup is not just an accessory in your life.

That last line was a little harsh...sorry not sorry girl friend. This is the blog where we get real about real things. Why? because getting real about things makes us better people to ourselves and in turn makes for a better world.

Breaking up with your commitment to makeup isn't as hard you would think! Thousands of women are making the transition to new and healthier vices in their beauty routine. Starting with skincare!

A good skincare regimen is the golden ticket to feeling confident in your bare beauty!

  • Dry or sensitive skin

  • Acne prone or oily skin

  • Sunspots or aging skin

Whatever it is that makes you want to cover it up can be helped with a good skincare routine. A good skincare routine is a mix of a quality daily regimen and studio care (meaning seeing an esthetician for a facial service).

There are many different types of studio services that we can perform to help your skincare goals. However, we prefer to start off with a spa facial. Reason being is that we include a skin consultation in the time of the appointment so we can talk through your personal skin needs and build that custom routine to get you the results you desire. Also a spa facial is extremely relaxing! During the facial we will use a variety of products and tools to get the products your face needs as deep into the skin as possible. The softer the skin the deeper the products can penetrate, so we have tools and tricks to soften the outer layer of skin; and the deeper the products go the greater benefit you will see.

I know what you're thinking..."can't I buy the stuff and do all this at home? I mean amazon and target sell all the same stuff". No, it doesn't work that way. Yes, you can buy products and machines that claim to be equal to professional grade, but if it was that easy I wouldn't have a beauty empire and the world wouldn't need estheticians but here we are making a living helping people get better skin.

The reality is, there are products that are formulated with potency and quality of ingredients that you just simply won't find in drug store products (more about this in another blog post). Aside from that there is a lot of science behind how we apply the products, the way we use the machines, and the general knowledge we were taught on how to treat the skin. Anyone can pull a bad tooth with pliers right? However, if you let the dentist do it there is less pain, faster healing, and quality results for example, they will make sure they get all the tooth out. Seeing an esthetician will ensure that we treat your breakouts and address the fact that you are about to turn a year older and might start to see signs of aging. Did you know most people with super oily skin are causing it by the products they use on their face? Don't worry most people don't realize that because they buy products based on what their skin is doing right now, rather than trying to understand WHY their skin is doing what it is right now. That is where our education comes in to save the day. An esthetician will understand what the root cause is and know exactly how to fix it.

I get asked all the time by clients "well, what do you use on your face? Your skin is great so I want whatever you use." but here is the thing, I have great skin because I use what my skin needs. If you want great skin too then you need to use what your skin needs, and if you don't know what that is then its time to call and make an appointment with an esthetician.

Here are a few examples of what a skin routine might look like:


- Extraction services in studio every 2-3 weeks until breakouts subside

- 2-4 products to use daily at home

- Ultrasonic facial every 4-8 weeks to keep skin free of congestion

Age prevention or anti aging

-Studio care services rotating from spa facials to microdermabrasion or ultrasonic facials

-2-6 products rotating daily at home

- once to twice a year doing a 4-6 week resurfacing regimen such as chemical peels or dermaplaning

If you haven't yet I strongly encourage you to join us women who have started to take back our natural beauty! I just want you and all your friends to be comfortable and feel beautiful while wearing your bare face essentials.

If you are interested in studio care or a virtual skincare consultation please click the link and submit the "tell us about yourself" form at the bottom.

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